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What's missing from the story of criminal justice in the U.S.?
For as long as this country has existed, mainstream narrative has depicted Latinos as alien, illegal, somehow predisposed to criminality… stubborn remnants of colonizing practices seldom discussed yet perpetually embedded in the U.S.’s criminal justice system. The criminal justice system needs to be not just reformed but dismantled. DECOLONIZED.
But in order to decolonize oppression, we must first make visible the voices of those most impacted by it. Latinos have historically been over-represented in the nation’s penal system, while underrepresented at the tables where their fates are being determined. That’s why we created the Decolonize Justice documentary series.


“We can’t allow conversation to erase decades of policies against latinos made against us for who we are.”
“Criminal justice organizing as a Latino isn’t easy because our voices aren’t as loud. Our historical struggles aren’t considered to be a part of the discussion.”
All 23,000,000 non-citizens living in the U.S. are at risk of being swept into the crimmigration system.
One in nine black children has an incarcerated parent, compared to one in 28 Latino children and one in 57 white children.
Latinos make up two-thirds of the people listed in California’s gang injunctions database.
51% of Latinos are incarcerated BEFORE their trial, compared to 32% of whites.

Decolonize Justice Trailer